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In the second part of this book, Nancy uncovers a commie conspiracy to jeopardize America's space program! Every foreign person she's met over the course of the story is secretly involved, of course.

The boys were intrigued by the unusual trees on the garden, particularly the sausage tree. )
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Our intrepid detective works to take down an international jewel thief and uncover the mystery behind a haunted bridge (one possible explanation: teenagers getting it on), all while single-handedly (literally) winning a golf tournament against world-renowned players.
BONUS: Bess and George give Nancy a very thorough backrub after she sprains her hand. We are apparently supposed to accept this as a logical plotpoint, and not the obvious excuse for foreplay that it totally is.

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Nancy takes a case for which she (for some reason) needs a fake name- and she comes *this close* to choosing Carrie Fisher. Do you have any idea how many Star Wars jokes she just dodged? I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. 

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Nancy joins Ned's cousin at an archaelogical dig, where she spends most of the time chopping down old, hollow oak trees in search of treasure markers buried beneath the bark. Oh, and she encounters a homicidal goat, too. You know you want to read this book.

'Aren't you the girl I saw hacking at a tree near the dig site?' )
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Nancy enslaves neighborhood children to help her rescue a poor, defenseless mailman from certain financial harm.
Bonus: Nancy needs to make a dress. Hannah helps her make the dress, mainly by taking her measurements over and over again. Then Nancy rips the dress. Then Hannah helps her mend the dress... with Nancy inside it. Awkward, suggestive scenes run rampant throughout this little subplot.



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