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This book... I'm not really sure what this book is about, to be honest. It involves a random cat thief, antagonistic neighbors who May or May Not Be Hiding Something, and a mentally unbalanced criminal who breaks into houses for the sole purpose of sending Morse Code messages to the inhabitants. Oh, and a cat show that serves no real purpose to the plot.
It also has the distinction of having one of the worst covers in ND history. Seriously, go Google it. It's hideous.

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The original, unrevised version from the 30s- in which we learn that Bess is short for Elizabeth, and that George is, in fact, George's real name. 
Also, I would like to apologize for my excessive use of the word 'stalk' in this entry. It all seemed necessary at the time.

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A sickly, elderly individual is being held prisoner in their own home by conniving ne'er-do-wells. Sound familiar? Maybe Edward Stratmeyer accidentally handed his ghostwriters the same outline two times in a row. (Watch for shades of Lilac Inn, too- they're in there if you know where to look.)

'You are more important to me than all the mysterious old ladies in the world!' )
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Nancy, Bess, and George find an extremely depressing hundred-year-old guy (really!) to stalk, and go treasure-hunting for. But then Bess and George get all caught up in a family feud, and start doing things like brushing Nancy off (*gasp!*) and disobeying her orders (*horror!*). Carson Drew also is under the impression that being someone's attorney gives him the right to completely take over the lives of everyone his client lives with. I love how screwy the law is in these books. 

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Cousins Bess Marvin and George Fayne show up to add to the crazy UST orgy- and no, unfortunately they're not as flamboyantly gay as they are in the PC games.  

George reminded her that no doubt there were other men in the county with large black hats. )
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In which Nancy's father is kidnapped and MIA for half the book, yet our brave heroine somehow finds the time to go merrily gallivanting about  the countryside, ghosthunting. 

'There are times when I'd like to thrash the man till he begged for mercy!' )



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