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Because in the old version, we actually find out where Togo comes from, instead of having him show up to be fondled and then disappear without a trace.

'I should have thought he would have preferred to disown his daughter.' )
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A sickly, elderly individual is being held prisoner in their own home by conniving ne'er-do-wells. Sound familiar? Maybe Edward Stratmeyer accidentally handed his ghostwriters the same outline two times in a row. (Watch for shades of Lilac Inn, too- they're in there if you know where to look.)

'You are more important to me than all the mysterious old ladies in the world!' )
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Nancy, Bess, and George find an extremely depressing hundred-year-old guy (really!) to stalk, and go treasure-hunting for. But then Bess and George get all caught up in a family feud, and start doing things like brushing Nancy off (*gasp!*) and disobeying her orders (*horror!*). Carson Drew also is under the impression that being someone's attorney gives him the right to completely take over the lives of everyone his client lives with. I love how screwy the law is in these books. 

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Nancy enslaves neighborhood children to help her rescue a poor, defenseless mailman from certain financial harm.
Bonus: Nancy needs to make a dress. Hannah helps her make the dress, mainly by taking her measurements over and over again. Then Nancy rips the dress. Then Hannah helps her mend the dress... with Nancy inside it. Awkward, suggestive scenes run rampant throughout this little subplot.

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In which Nancy's father is kidnapped and MIA for half the book, yet our brave heroine somehow finds the time to go merrily gallivanting about  the countryside, ghosthunting. 

'There are times when I'd like to thrash the man till he begged for mercy!' )

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Nancy pokes her nose into other people's business for the first of many times. And this book really has nothing to do with the computer game. Her Interactive lied to us. 

The next instant, to Nancy's right, a ball of fire rocketed down from the sky. )


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