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In the second part of this book, Nancy uncovers a commie conspiracy to jeopardize America's space program! Every foreign person she's met over the course of the story is secretly involved, of course.

The boys were intrigued by the unusual trees on the garden, particularly the sausage tree. )
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This book... I'm not really sure what this book is about, to be honest. It involves a random cat thief, antagonistic neighbors who May or May Not Be Hiding Something, and a mentally unbalanced criminal who breaks into houses for the sole purpose of sending Morse Code messages to the inhabitants. Oh, and a cat show that serves no real purpose to the plot.
It also has the distinction of having one of the worst covers in ND history. Seriously, go Google it. It's hideous.

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A sickly, elderly individual is being held prisoner in their own home by conniving ne'er-do-wells. Sound familiar? Maybe Edward Stratmeyer accidentally handed his ghostwriters the same outline two times in a row. (Watch for shades of Lilac Inn, too- they're in there if you know where to look.)

'You are more important to me than all the mysterious old ladies in the world!' )
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Nancy finds herself another defenseless young girl to stalk help, and soon is knee-deep in secret codes, mysterious cults, and illegal dealings. Is anyone surprised? Nancy and Co. also express their true feelings about harmless cults, unusual clothing styles, and possibly the Asian race in general. 

I suppose they dance when the dew is on the grass and such nonsense! )


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