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This book... I'm not really sure what this book is about, to be honest. It involves a random cat thief, antagonistic neighbors who May or May Not Be Hiding Something, and a mentally unbalanced criminal who breaks into houses for the sole purpose of sending Morse Code messages to the inhabitants. Oh, and a cat show that serves no real purpose to the plot.
It also has the distinction of having one of the worst covers in ND history. Seriously, go Google it. It's hideous.

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Our intrepid detective works to take down an international jewel thief and uncover the mystery behind a haunted bridge (one possible explanation: teenagers getting it on), all while single-handedly (literally) winning a golf tournament against world-renowned players.
BONUS: Bess and George give Nancy a very thorough backrub after she sprains her hand. We are apparently supposed to accept this as a logical plotpoint, and not the obvious excuse for foreplay that it totally is.

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Nancy takes a case for which she (for some reason) needs a fake name- and she comes *this close* to choosing Carrie Fisher. Do you have any idea how many Star Wars jokes she just dodged? I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. 

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Nancy semi-kidnaps a poor little circus boy from his crazy foster father, who thinks that being from India exempts him from having to follow American law. BONUS: to trick a suspect into admitting their nefarious deeds, Nancy reveals that she has her own special psychic abilities- the power to look into the past.

'Hello!' he said shyly. 'Rishi not speak English much.' ) 
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 Nancy's evil twin runs amok (as if one of them wasn't bad enough!) as our young sleuth descends into paranoia, convinced that anyone caught knowing obscure facts about lilacs must be plotting her demise.

'John, do you know what 'blue pipes' are?' )
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Nancy ruthlessly stalks this book's Character in Need, a poor, defensless orphan, and Evil Road Signs are always hindering our characters by warning them of Impending Doom. This makes Nancy PMS a lot. 

'When we heard it was a black foreign car, we were suspicious immediately.' )


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